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Tom Clancy’s The Division is an open world third person shooter with RPG elements. Developed by Massive and published by Ubisoft, the game has been a commercial success so far, breaking Ubisoft’s records for day one sales. The online-only game is not without criticism, though, with many game-breaking bugs, exploits and hacks ruining the experience for the loyal player base.

In our initial review of the game, we at Spindle Gaming fell in love with the New York scenery, helping restore order to Manhattan in groups of four. While the atmosphere and game mechanics were fresh, we quickly became addicted and finished the campaign in a week or so.

It was once we’d finished the campaign and turned our attention towards The Dark Zone (the PvP part of the map) that the problems with the game came to the fore. It started with Bullet King, an NPC that players could kill over and over again, gaining Phoenix Credits and loot in the process. Exploits soon became common, enabling players to repeatedly kill bosses and skip parts of missions, all in the name of better gear. Players that didn’t exploit the bugs in the game were left behind in terms of weaponry, devoid of Phoenix Credits and gear. Seemingly without an anti-hacking system in place, The Division was also frequented by a number of hackers, often named Ililili- making their name hard to remember (and thus report.)

With little to do other than roam The Dark Zone and fight other players, these problems are unavoidable. The first Incursion offered little content and the fan base has been dwindling ever since. Patch 1.2, released on May 24, needs to be successful for the sake of the game.

Check out this video of FRANKIEonPCin1080p exploring New York to be reminded of the potential The Division has:


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