the division state of play

The Division State of Play – Player Interview

There’s been a lot of unrest amongst The Division player base in the last few weeks, with numbers of active players dropping daily. It could be the case that said players will return with the 1.2 patch expected in the next few weeks, but I wanted to find out what issues the game is having. I interviewed a player by the name of FabFingers to find out what the average player experience has been like so far.

the division state of play



What’s your experience of The Division been like so far?

Like many, I’ve been playing The Division from Day 1. The fun aspect of levelling and getting my gear up to a decent standard was great. I loved battling PVE enemies on Hard Mode, Challenge Mode and now the Incursions- yes, I still absolutely love them! I randomly do the Incursion on Hard Mode in pugs, not because I need the gear anymore, but because I enjoy them.

Where did it start to go wrong for Massive?

Exploits… Why do so many people benefit from Exploits and not get punished? Running the incursion on Challenging over and over again using exploits… Whether it be stacking your talents and unleashing massive damage that one shots the Armoured Car, or any of the various exploits that were around. Yes, they may be fixed now, but that doesn’t help me- in fact it now hinders my progression. Let’s get it out there right now, I don’t want to exploit, I want everyone to be on the same playing field.

These exploiters are now the same people who roam around the Dark Zone with their mega Gear Score, insane weapons that just eat through the survivor link causing me to not enjoy the game, all because they now have nothing to do because they have exploited their way through the incursion.

And the hackers of course…

Yes, hackers, the ones who are invisible to you. When you’re at the refuelling station in the dark zone and someone appears to shoot you while they’re 500m away through a building! Or underneath the map. Or you know, the guys where you can put a whole Midas clip into someone and you barely touch their health, like they have constant Survivor Link active… then they turn around and shoot you- in one bullet you’re down. I mean seriously, what is the point? I’m trying to grind my way to level 75 so I can get a decent blueprint.

A lot of hackers say they feel the need to hack in order to defend themselves from other hackers…

It leads me to half think this… “Should I cheat and hack and get to 75, get the blueprints, and then accept the 14-day ban? When I come back maybe I can compete with these cheaters and exploiters.” Of course I’m not going to do this; it’s not in me to cheat. I wouldn’t feel any accomplishment by doing it.

So what are you going to do?

I guess what I really need to know is, are Ubisoft actually doing anything to prevent this happening in the next patch? I don’t want to be left behind because I’ve not cheated, exploited, or hacked. I want the people who have used these tactics to be brought to justice, whether that’s with a permanent ban, character deletion or stash deletion.

Will you carry on playing?

Let’s see how it goes. Patch 1.2 will realistically be the last free update we get for Division, then it moves on to “Major Expansions.” If it looks like Massive and Ubisoft can’t release something without glitches that take weeks to rectify without punishing those that actively used them, then there is very little chance of me paying for additional content.

Now, I see that this may have come across as a hate piece, which in essence is true, but I think you can only hate something which has the potential of being loved!

What do you think about the state of the game right now? Have your experiences been similar to FabFingers’? Let us know in the comments below and helps us pray to RNGesus for a better game!

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