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Rocket League Season 2!

Season 1 of Rocket League ranked play has ended and immediately made way for Season 2 in the latest patch v1.11. I wrote a review on Rocket League recently, questioning how it maintains its beauty over time with an ever-growing player base and its changes like these that keep it fresh as ever.

The biggest change made for Season 2, is that Ranked play has been renamed Competitive, with the matchmaking tags experiencing a complete shake up. We say good bye to a points based system and hello to Divisions.

Rocket League Division Titles

Rocket League Division Titles

Previously there were 10 ranks; now there are 12 Divisions. The aim is to make players feel less streaky, with the new system taking a larger number of matches in to account, thus rewarding consistency. Players must play 10 matches to be placed in their initial division, with Season 1’s ranks being rewarded with Limited Edition Crowns. These Crowns come in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, representing your highest Division rank (solo’s, doubles or triples) from Season 1.

I enjoy the more consistent placement, often I’d play with different friends meaning I’d gain or lose 30 points here or there and never really cared much about it. I feel that the Divisions will be steadier with Psyonix quoting that players will go up a rank once they have consistently improved and won’t be punished too much for losing their first couple of games in a new Division. This is aided by the Divisions expanding, so it no longer matters how many people are the same rank as you – there’s space for all, where previously there were limited number of players allowed in one rank.

I placed in the Challenger Elite Division, which I’m quite happy with. My two friends placed a Division lower, which means that individual scores must count for something. I’m in two minds about this – of course if you’re much better than the friend you’re playing with, it makes sense. However we all know that scores don’t always matter too much. Then again, over the course of say…10 games, this should balance out.

Rocket League Challenger Elite

Rocket League Challenger Elite

It felt quite exciting waiting for my first Division placement, I must admit, and thrown in the mix of maps was the Wasteland arena, now added to the Competitive Playlists. Previously, I wasn’t a fan, but I had great fun this time around going Mad Max competitively. The map feels bigger and boost more scarce, with the corners and walls much less effective. The ball feels constantly drawn to the net which, although scary, gives a fun sense of gloom.

Rocket League Wasteland

Mad Max inspired Wasteland

There’s also Item Rarity, with “Common” and “Uncommon” items found after Online matches. I noticed I received an uncommon Fedora-looking hat earlier, although I must admit I didn’t pay too much attention. I’m happy with my Silver Crown, which looks baller!

Other changes of note include the “Snow Day” map, which can now be played on private servers. I don’t enjoy the mode personally, I feel like there needs to be a space behind the goal like in Ice Hockey and the cars should slide around, but I know some people are fans. Also there’s a new Player Report feature added, which draws admin’s to the text chat to filter out any abuse. I’m unsure whether this is to filter out hardcore abuse or sarcastic “What a Save!” spamming, but either way it’s a probably a good thing.

You can find a complete list of all the changes here in a Steam post from Psyonix, if you’re interested. I’m sure it’s got you guys just as excited as it has me! Let me know what you think about the new patch in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to be kept up to date with the latest Rocket League news.

Rocket League Season 2
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