Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

A new Resident Evil game has come out, and it’s arguably the best one so far. People have been praising the game left and right and rightfully so. After a long pause, Capcom has finally brought back the beautiful survival horror game that many of us have been waiting for.

This game is available on Xbox, PS4, PC and Virtual Reality.

Resident Erez-minvil

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Resident Evil franchise, let us first introduce you to this masterpiece. Resident Evil series are set in a post-apocalyptic world where a special bio-virus has broken out and turned humans and other organisms into zombies. Yes, this is a classic zombie story, but done a hundred times better than any other out there
. If you are a fan of horror genres whether it’s about movies or video games, this game will absolutely blow your mind.

The storyline begins with a fictional Umbrella Corporation (we won’t give away any important details or spoil the story for you) which is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in bioengineering. Their main objective is to create bio-weapons, in other words, all kinds of crazy viruses. They soon come up with a T-virus that get’s loose and starts infecting everything and everyone. The virus is spreading so rapidly that there is almost no chance of stopping it. The humans that get ill from the virus die but they resurrect into ravenous zombies, and the animals become highly aggressive mutants.

Resident Evil was primarily a video game concept, but people loved it so much that the idea has come to life through movies as well. There are currently six different Resident Evil movies, and they all follow the main protagonist called Alice.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 takes place roughly four years after Resident Evil 6, when the main protagonist gets word from Mia to meet up, even though she has been missing for three years and is presumed dead. He goes to the location and finds this old house and Mia being held there as a prisoner in the basement. She quickly warns him that they must flee as soon as possible before daddy returns, but it escalates very quickly and ends with Ethan being knocked unconscious. The next scene is of Ethan, being tied down in a company of the Baker family. Without spoiling any more of the story. The first objective is, of course, to run away from the house, but that’s not where the story ends.


Gameplay is a bit different considering which platform you’re using to play the game. Although the graphics, controls and the overall feeling isn’t nearly the same on either of the platforms, there’s one thing that everyone agrees on, and that’s the sound.

In Biohazard 7, they have really stepped up their game when it comes to sound. Hands down, the best sound design compared to any other horror game out there.

They’ve made it so that seemingly harmless noises become more and more terrifying the deeper you venture into the game. They have also become very intelligent when it comes to how they scare the players. In other games, you are absolutely positive that if the music gets louder and the noises a lot more intense, there will definitely be a monster there to scare you. But in Resident Evil 7, it is not the case.

They have made situations where the music gets so intense that you’re ready to jump out of your chair, but in the end, nothing happens. On the other hand, the same situation may occur where something’s waiting around the corner, ready to give you a heart attack. This design makes it a lot scarier than the previous designs, simply because you’re not sure anymore whether something bad will happen or not. You are constantly on edge, waiting for it to happen. When it doesn’t, you’re left to wonder, confused, but when it does, it still manages to scare the hell out of you.

After a while, you get jumpy after hearing almost any kind of sound. The door shrieking on the top floor or the bottle shattering as it hits the floor will have you doing 360 spins all day long.


rez3-minIn Resident Evil 7, they’ve introduced another combat mechanic, which is blocking. In the previous Resident Evil games, whenever something scary jumps in front of you, your first reaction is flight. Turn your back to the monster, run to the safe distance, turn around and shoot it. But not in Resident Evil 7.

They’ve added blocking and made turning your back to the monster incredibly dangerous. Now, in the spur of the moment, you have to control your inner urge to run and instead try to block the first attack and then try to flee. You will get hit and take some damage, but it will be considerably less than what you would’ve suffered if you just turned back and ran.

Pc vs. Console vs. VR

The graphics of this game are incredible. The details are absolutely amazing. Whether you’re playing on a PC or a Console, we suggest that you get a big monitor or a TV and just roll with it. The visuals are so perfectly well made that if you tried to stare at the light, your eyes would start to hurt. The flicker of the candles in the dead of night is absolutely amazing. They’ve made contrast brightness into an almost real-life feeling, where if you shot a flamethrower in the dark room, it would almost feel like a flash-bang grenade. However, the same cannot be said about VR. The graphics in the VR are still far behind the capabilities of the regular TV, and sometimes they can even be nauseating. When you’re playing in the VR, and the character moves its head to the right without you moving your actual head, it really confuses your brain. There are many things that can be improved when it comes to VR, but hey, it’s still a very young concept. Give it time; it may prove to be a lot better than anything that came before it.

After all, this game is simply too scary for someone to be playing it with VR, in the first person. If you’re not a psychopath or a masochist, we’d definitely recommend playing it on a TV or a monitor first.


The audio is absolutely amazing, the game is quite scary (as it should be), and voice acting is simply off the charts. On top of all that, the visuals are stunning. Overall, one of the best Resident Evil games so far, and absolutely one of the best horror games out there.


VR experience isn’t what people were hoping it would be, and some of the plot points simply aren’t as impactful as they should be.

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