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Jack Plays: Westerado Double Barrelled

westerado double barreled lets play
I’m hitting the trail in search of fortune.. and revenge.

Westerado: Double Barrelled is a quirky Western RPG from Adult Swim brings you a fresh and dense world full of unusual characters and adventure. I love the awesome retro look and the atmosphere it conjures.

It has shades of Zelda and classic RPGs, but the humour brings to mind classic adventure games. It’s a breath of fresh air that people like Adult Swim are putting out unusual and inventive games like this.

In this episode, I quickly come to terms with murder, try on a few hats, and do some high-octane strafing. Enjoy, and I hope you come back for more!

Buy Westerado at a reasonable price here at G2A for under £10.


Westerado was developed by Ostritch Banditos and published in April 2015 by Adult Swim Games. Check out their sites and support our Indie developers!


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Jack Plays Westerado Double Barrelled
Jack Plays Westerado Double Barrelled

Jack from Spindle Gaming takes a look at Westerado Double Barrelled, the game made by Adult Swim. His funky style suits the gunslinging tone and swinging music down to a tee.

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