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Ed’s Top 5 Fantasy Games

fantasy games

Fantasy is arguably one of the best genres in gaming. It’s probably also one of the best genres for films and novels too. But when it comes to gaming, it’s fantastic to immerse yourself into another world, creating your own character. So which fantasy games have been the best so far? Has it been a case of RPG, Skyrim, Oblivion? Or perhaps it has been the epic storyline which has had you hooked, Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia.


The best and most successful game in the Elder scrolls series and probably the best ever fantasy game. Oblivion was always going to be hard to beat, but Skyrim simply blew it out of the water. The graphics and gameplay for starters were a huge boost and were absolutely exceptional. The involvement of ‘kill moves’ took the combat to a completely new level. The game also kept a lot of its original winning conceptions, such as the thieves’ guild and dark brotherhood. In terms of main storyline, Skyrim is hard to beat, the use of dragons is extraordinary.

Assassins Creed One

Simply terrific. The first instalment in what has been an epic saga, which will even include a film. The game was unique in its time, with standout graphics and quick speed combat. An RPG with an edge, you have unlimited freedom within the game but there is a storyline to follow. Epic kill moves and fantastic acrobatics is what really make this game standout.

Game of Thrones

Possibly a controversial selection, but as it follows the most successful television programme ever, it surely has to be on the list. It’s fantastic to get to see the books played out in front of you, yet you get given enough responsibility to venture out on your own. It’s sensible gaming as if it followed the novels to the letter, we would already know what’s going to happen. In terms of gameplay and graphics it might not reach the same height as some of the others, but we get it for the storyline. Hopefully we will get to see another game come out which manages to beat the TV series!

World of Warcraft

By far the most addictive game on the list. An enormous online multiplayer game, which gets you hooked with the use of the ‘numbers’ game. It’s case of constantly trying to better yourself, better gear, better levels. Lots of great storylines and plenty of extra downloadable content. One of the most sociable games as well, there’s something pretty great about teaming up with your buddies and causing some havoc!

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Best game in the series. It has seen huge critical acclaim with plenty of awards to its name, not to mention the massive fan appreciation. It’s easy to see why. Storyline, gameplay and graphics are all extremely good. The combat fighting is slick and easy, with plenty of variation. Its main story is also very good, which sticks to the roots of what originally made the series a hit.

In terms of gameplay, graphics, addictiveness and story, these are surely the best. There are probably a few which have been missed and an honourable mention has to go to Prince of Persia and God of War.

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