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Dragon city allows everyone to live their dreams of having a pet dragon. Although it is a digital dragon, it is more than enough for many, especially for kids. After all, you have so many choices when it comes to your dragons and it somehow becomes your responsibility, or else, the dragon will not grow. This game is so much like other famous pet games. Somehow, it is based on the concept of “tamagotchi”. This was one of the most famous 8 bit games for kids.

Dragon City Game



Playing the game is easy. Once you set up your account you will be assisted by “Deus” the dragon master in the game. This character will tell you what to do and will guide you on the first steps of your journey. First, you will step up a habitat where you will raise your dragon. This habitat is where you dragon will grow. You will not be able to choose the kind of habitat and dragon at first. Once this is set up, you can now choose any habitat and dragon that you like. You just have to remember that the habitat should match the dragon that you will raise. Once the dragon is raised, you can now go on battles with other dragons and other users. This will gain you some gold and a few gems.

What are In Game Purchases?

With our technology today, there have been a lot of improvements. Aside from being able to play on a smartphone, you can also play online against other players. The best thing about this is that it promotes a healthy competition between your tactics and the way you raise your dragons. There are also so many options when it comes to different things. You can set up a habitat for your dragon and feed it with different things that can make it grow faster. The only catch is that there are some options that need payment. Although these are in game purchases, we are sometimes forced to pay real money in order to make the best out of the game.

In game purchases are things that you buy within the game. In most free to play games for mobile phones, there are usually two types of currencies. One of which can be gained easily by doing different tasks or completing some missions. Another currency is a bit hard to get. You can only acquire one with hard missions and you only get a few. Its value is a lot more than the other kind of currency. In the case of Dragon City, the most valuable currency is gems. It will give you access to so many things in the game that will make the experience a lot better. But you can almost always get it through online purchase.

The Downside

The main downside of in-app purchases is that not everyone can afford it. On top of that, this is a kid’s game, which means buying online may be a little bit harder for them compared to adults. This is the common flaw of these kinds of games which leaves them with no players in the long run.

The Good News – Dragon City Gems Hack

There is a good way to solve this problem and it solves fast and easy. There is Dragon City Gems Hack that you can use. This is basically a tool that you can use in order to get free gems. You can also use it to get gold, which is the lesser currency in the game. You might not need to get gold bars because it is easy to acquire in the game but it will definitely help.

The best thing about this is that it is totally free. You can even use it anytime you like or how often you like. There is no limit as to how much you can use it.

Do Dragon City Cheats work?

The answer is yes. You might still see some advertisements which helps the developers earn some money. Besides, developers are already aware that there are some fake dragon city cheats websites on the net. Since computer games were developed, game cheat websites have been used by many players. These sites can have cheat engines with commands that range from simple ones on the keyboard or joystick, to complicated ones available on the site when it comes to online games.

These websites definitely make the game a lot more enjoyable especially to players who cannot really afford the in app purchases.


Cheat engines will always come with some safety issues with your account being banned or a simple reprimand. But there are many ways in order to avoid this kind of issue. One of the best is using a VPN when playing the game and incognito mode when accessing the cheat engine. This will make sure that the process will not be traced back to you. With these kinds of games, security is not really a huge priority so anyone can just follow these steps and have a safe hacking process.

Dragon City Tips and Tricks

You will be able to use the Dragon City Hack Tool to its maximum potential if you know how to play the game well. This will make sure that other players will not notice your good items despite not being able to play well.

  1. Raise your dragons well – this should be your main focus at first. Raising your dragons really well at first does not only gain you experience but will also help you lessen the gold and gem expenses. You can do this by focusing on growing food. The food is basically the thing that helps them grow up and level up faster.
  2. Raise one dragon first – by raising just one dragon at first, you can focus on its health and its speed of growth. Once it get stronger, you can now go to battles which will earn you more money. This will also mean that you will have more food and resources for your next dragons. Many players tend to get as many dragons as they want leaving them with no space to raise some food. In this game, space is also a luxury so you need to spend it wisely on the things that you need.
  3. Level up fast – leveling up basically allows you access to so many things in the game. It will let you level up your buildings for food and other things. This will also gain you more experience and gold and some other resources. This will help you create a strong dragon that is ready for battle.
  4. Collect your Gold – your dragons are a good source of gold. Having a lot of dragons will just consume all the gold that they can produce. Try to focus on one dragon and level it up. The gold production will increase as they level up giving you more financial freedom in the game. In this case, you can start using the cheat engine to help you raise that one dragon.
  5. The beginner’s cup is a gold mine. Once you have at least three dragons, you can now start battling it out in the arena. You will compete against other dragons and if you win, you will usually get another dragon egg, which you can either grow or sell. The usual price for this is one thousand gold. It may not be that much but it will definitely help you.
  6. Understand the elements – there are different kinds of dragons and you have to understand how things work when they are fighting. A water dragon is usually stronger than flame type dragons since water can put out fire. On the other hand, flame attacks to flame dragons will take no effect. There will be zero damage. Try to swap to a different dragon so you can use more powerful attacks and maximize their strengths. Physical and magical attacks can work both ways so try to understand how they work first. Swap dragons if necessary.
  7. Breed Dragons – breeding dragons will give you different kinds of dragons. The unique offspring of dragons will have a lesser chance of being beaten by other elements. This is especially true if two opposite dragons are bred.

How to Use the Dragon City Hack Tool

Gems in this game usually costs up to twenty dollars. For kids who are playing the game (which is the majority), twenty dollars might not be an easy thing to spend. This is when you should use our Tool to Hack Dragon City. Here are the steps.

  1. Look for your account in the game app and then enter it in the Dragon City Hacks site. Wait for the site to locate the account.
  2. Enter the amount of gems that you would like to be deposited in your account. You have to remember that there is no limit. If the site has a maximum amount of gems that you can input, then just do it all over again if the gems are not enough.
  3. Lastly, verify your account. This process usually takes some time so just wait for it. After all, everything is free. Remember the safety tips that we have listed above to make sure that the hack won’t be traced back to your account.

How to Use Gems Wisely

Even though you can get a lot of Dragon City free gems, you should still use the gems wisely. Most players who are still new to these kinds of games speed up the in game processes. This costs at least 1 gem. Try to wait things out when doing some processes like growing some food and earning some gold.

Completing combat in the arena will also get you a lot of gold and at least one gem. The experience that you get from this will also help you to level up. Always involve yourself in these battles in order to level up. Try to remember the battle tips listed above. The elements don’t work well so try to go with the opposite element in order to have higher strike rates. You will also get eggs or diamonds when you complete the whole quest. There are more than 20 quests in the arena so you will have a lot of chances to gain more experience.

There are also player to player battles. You can battle them and the deciding factor will be the kind of dragons that you have. This will include their level and their attacking power. Try to assess the kind of dragons that you have and the dragons that your opponents have.  You will be able to see the kinds of dragons that you will battle so it will be easy to assess.

There are also some goals that you can achieve. These can range from simple tasks to completing different kinds of quests. These goals can give you a lot of experience.


You have to remember that leveling up is one of the most important things in the game. This is because a lot of the tools and buildings that you need will only be available once you reach a certain level in the game. There are many ways to do this so you should be able to make it work. You should also spend some time in the game. This is one of the secrets when it comes to these kinds of things. Besides, you don’t really have to spend a lot of time. You can even leave the game on when you are doing something else. You just need to check on your dragons and the food that you are growing.

You should also try to explore the map. There are many buttons and things that you can click. There are also other options when it comes to growing food and going to battles. Check them out and find out what they have to offer. Once you use the Dragon City Gem Hacks, most of these options will be available to you so don’t forget to use them.

Lastly, enjoy the game. After all. This is what every game is for 😉


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