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The Division – Year One Content Announced

The developers behind Tom Clancy’s The Division have just released a trailer showcasing their year one plan for The Division and what upcoming content we can expect this year. A lot of players have been complaining that once we reach level 30 there isn’t all that much to do beyond grinding for better gear and playing in the dark zone… but why would we?

The Division Year One Content

Ubisoft Announcement

Ubisoft have announced their content calender for the year as well as the first update, due on April 12th that comes with three major talking points:
Incursions – these are set to be missions much harder than Challenge Mode difficulty that give players great loot, whether that be weapons or gear sets (more on that later.) Apparently it took the developers two entire days to complete the first incursion themselves and we can expect to see the AI use drones and tanks. Hopefully this means that the difficulty isn’t being ramped up by increasing how many bullets the enemies can sponge.

Gear Sets – Gear Sets work differently to normal gear and require the player to have the entire set equipped to grant a bonus for wearing the full sets. I imagine this will be much more powerful than the current gear available to us.

Loot Trading – Players will be able to swap loot for up to 2 hours with players inside their group. This can only be done in safe zones in order to ensure others players can’t steal your loot. Find a spare Midas? Give it to a friend!

Other content that’s been announced with no set date includes Assignments and Expansions. Assignments will give players weekly and daily tasks, such as killing a set number of Rikers, and rewarding players for doing so. The Expansions begin in the month of June, starting with the Underground Expansion which takes players in to the depths of the Subway system.

Finally, some Season Pass exclusive content has been announced, which includes bonus events, outfits and content, although details haven’t been fully released as of yet. All in all, it’s looking pretty promising for The Division and I hope we get regular content. Personally I’m really looking forward to the Survival Expansion– some slightly more tense PvP action is what I think the game needs.

You’ll find a full list of the announced content below as well as a link to the trailer – let me know what you think!

Announced Content


New Incursions
Gear Sets
Loot Trading


New Incursions
New Challenge Modes
Dark Zone Activities


Underground Expansion


Survival Expansion


Last Stand Expansion
What do you think of Ubisoft’s plans? Will there be enough content to keep people playing in the long term? One point of interest from the developers was that the assault rifles could work better than sniper rifle’s in the upcoming Incursions, presumably because we’ll have to shoot down drones. We can only wait and see.

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