dishonored 2 preview

Dishonored 2 Preview

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Dishonored 2 is scheduled for a release date in 2016 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. I’m excited about it – I loved the original, it was so dark and atmospheric. Dishonored is probably my favourite single player game from the past few years.

A stealth-action-adventure game where you could sneak around using your special abilities or brutally murder as many people as possible. Set in a plague-ridden city, Dunwall, the number of people you killed affected the ending. Seeking revenge on those who conspired against you, the more you killed, the more disease affected the city and it was palpable.

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Karnaca: Bethesda

Corvo Attano returns, alongside Emily Kaldwin, the princess from the former game. Corvo supposedly feels older, worn by the years but just as epic, retaining much of his former prowess and abilities while Emily is a completely new playable character. Each mission is playable by both characters from different perspectives as you unlock the mysteries behind Corvo’s betrayal.

Set 15 years later, this time the action takes place around the coastal city of Karnaca. Attempting to restore the princess to her rightful position as Empress, I imagine the city as similar to Dorne from Game of Thrones. Home to the House Martell, the region feels like a safe haven that’s prosperous and a key ally to the Iron Throne. Perhaps such prosper and allies exist in Karnaca to the young assassin. I’m just guessing, though.

The developers at Arkane Studios did a great job of combining different systems in the first game but some of it was rushed. The pure sword fighting mechanics could’ve been better and the stealth was quite basic in a way – you never knew if the NPC’s could see you or not. What made the game great was the combination of these systems, for example throwing a grenade, slowing down time and shooting the grenade at the perfect time. This works with so many beautiful combinations and if you think it’s possible, it probably is.

This time around the developers are looking to make everything a lot deeper while keeping the fluidity of the original. The player will be able to play in a style they find most enjoyable. I remember in the first installment I spent around half an hour walking around the first level, in the dungeon. I didn’t know what was happening and I got to discover it all for myself – it was great. I hope this is possible in Dishonored 2, that you choose your own path and aren’t lead by the hand too much, which really annoys me in video games. I’ll doubtless end up killing lots of people, but Harvey Smith from Arkane was quoted saying “A game about an assassin where you don’t have to kill anyone – that was our goal with Dishonored.” I like that.

Here’s a look at the official trailer from E3 2015.

I can’t wait to return to the gloomy world of Dishonored, where the graphics perfectly portray the darkness of the game with their unique aesthetics. I really hope this game lives up to it’s potential – I don’t often play single players games but I think I’ll give this one a chance.

As a little bonus clip, here’s an epic kill montage from the first game showing what I mean by the combination of systems resulting in brutal deaths:

I hope you enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments if you’re looking forward to Dishonored 2 or to suggest the next game I cover. You can find out more information here from the Official Dishonored site. Follow Spindle Gaming on Facebook and don’t forget to subscribe to receive an email when the game is released to see whether it lives up to the hype!

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Dishonored 2 Release Date

Initially scheduled for release in Spring 2016, the game looks to be released closer to the end of the year or even early 2017 right now.

Dishonored 2 Preview
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Dishonored 2 Preview
Spindle Gaming takes an early look at Dishonored 2, a stealth-action-adventure game soon to be released in 2016. Will it be as good as the first?
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  • Alex says:

    Nice write-up! I had a great time with Dishonoured but have to concede it had its flaws. The hand to hand combat did feel a little janky at times and some of the cutscenes sorta played out like a bizarre psychodramatic soap on heavy skunk.

    Either way, you got me excited for DH2!

  • Badger says:

    Nice first post. That teleport looks slightly OP 🙂

  • George says:

    Had a blast playing Dishonored 1. Too bad that my PC can’t run this one decently.

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