CS:GO Tips

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CS:GO Tips

Browse our section of handy guides and tips for CS:GO, whether you’re searching for Map Callouts, handy Smoke’s and Flashes or team strategies to take you and your friends to the next level.

Map Callouts

We’ve put together a series of images for Competitive Maps containing all the callouts, which we hope to improve in the near future. For now, it contains everything you need to know when you start out at CS:GO. It’s really useful if everyone on your team knows the callouts due to communication being so vital.

Grenade Tips

We’re coming up with a selection of Smoke’s and Flashes so you and your friends know how to do site takes as well as handy defensive grenades. Get a solid Mirage A Site take going and learn the many ways to defend Banana in Inferno here at Spindle Gaming.

Team Strategies

We’ve been part of a large group that’s played together for years, so we know some of the cool things you can do when playing as a pre-made team, so whether it’s watching your friends back, playing at the right tempo or cutting up the terrorists with a lethal crossfire, we can help you out.

Let us know in the comments what you need help with and we’ll put our knowledge in to a good format for your team. Got any tips for us? We’ll publish it! Tell us what content you want and we’ll make it a priority.