csgo map callouts

CS:GO Map Callouts

It’s time you learnt your CS:GO Map Callouts. I’ve started playing with some friends that are new to Counter Strike recently and it can be hard to explain the callouts on the fly- normally after a mistake has led to a lost round. Today I’ve gathered a few images of the Competitive maps that include the standard callout’s. It really helps when you have a team of five who all know the difference between apartments and palace, or who won’t wander off in one direction while the rest of the team rush a site.

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Dust 2

csgo dust 2 map callouts

Dust 2 callouts are the easiest to learn, mainly because you tend to play it more than any other, but also because of the simple map design that’s made it so famous. You can expect the terrorist’s to push either A Long, A Short, Middle or B Site on Dust 2. Those are the callouts you should learn first. Once you’ve got to grip with these the rest will soon follow and make sense to you as soon as you have the general layout of the map memorised. As a terrorist, Tunnels and Catwalk can often be staging areas for well executed attacks, making control of Mid important.


csgo inferno map callouts

Inferno callouts are pretty simple, probably the easiest map to learn other than Dust 2, with a simple triangular shape. The counter terrorist’s have to worry about B site, Arch side, Truck side and Apartments. This is where the terrorist’s will push in a traditionally played game. Banana, Middle and even Alternate Middle are often hotly contested by the CT’s as they attempt to gain some territory or grab an early kill.


csgo mirage map callouts

Mirage is a tough one to get right. Do you go for Middle Control? Lock down A Site or play for the retake? Sometimes it can feel like you need an extra man on the CT side so it’s vital that communication is crystal and the callouts are clean. The main avenues of attack for the terrorist’s are T Ramp, Palace, Middle and B Apartments. The B rush is infamous on this map – no matter how many rounds you’ve won in a row, it can all be crushed by a brush. Be wary of Middle but give the terrorist’s complete control and they can use the Connector or Catwalk for an extra flank on a bomb site.


csgo cache map callouts

Cache is a map that provides a number of options to the counter terrorists in the way they defend. The main routes of attack for the terrorists are from A Main, Squeaky, Middle and B Halls. Middle control is important because it provides the terrorists with an extra flank on each site, as well as being a great source of information for the CT’s because you can hear lots of footsteps from close to the Garage. The callouts become particularly useful on the actual bomb sites as there’s a lot of places for the defending side to hide and you need to know your NBK from your Quad.


csgo train map callouts

Train was revamped in 2014, with the main objective to give the terrorist’s more of a chance. On bomb site A, the T’s can quickly come from T-connector, Ivy and Popdog. Meanwhile on the B site there’s Lower Ramp and Upper B to control. Teams quite often leave a single player on B and focus more heavily on A since B is much easier to retake. Train callouts are imperative to know, or you won’t have a clue what’s going on. To begin with, try learning the names of the different trains on site, maybe by calling them by their colour.


csgo cobblestone map callouts

Cobblestone can be a nightmare for the counter terrorists, with so much ground to cover and a connector that never feels safe. On the B Site, the defenders must worry about B Long and the Drop, while on A the route to the site is from either CT Ramp or Long A. This doesn’t sound too bad but as soon as the terrorist’s have got that far there isn’t much distance between lots of them and one or two of you.


csgo overpass map callouts

Overpass is a relatively new map that many of the pro teams still haven’t mastered and home to the infamous Fnatic Boostmeister against LDLC at Dreamhack Winter 2014. The Connector is vital for the terrorists, allowing them to rotate quickly between the two sites. A lot of counter terrorist’s tend to push right up to the Fountain and grab an early frag, while the Restrooms are important for an A site execute. As the terrorists can rotate so quickly, knowing your Overpass callouts is vital so your teammates have a solid overview of where the enemy is in order to make the right decision in their rotation.

Credit must be given to Froosh and the Steam Community for putting together these images. The bigger the writing, the more often you’ll need the callout. Click to enlarge each map.

CS:GO Map Callouts
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CS:GO Map Callouts
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