Clash Royale Hack and Cheats App 2019

Supercell’s latest game had just been released a couple of days ago, and it already has everyone under its spell. Clash of Clans was a major success, but Clash Royale is dead set on making it look like it was no big deal.

If you haven’t already tried this amazing game, then it’s about time that you do. However, if you have, we have a special treat for you, after the introduction.

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Clash Royale Gameplay

maxresdefault-minSupercell didn’t really invent something new here, they have simply taken one game and transformed it into another, but it turned out to be a lot better than they have expected. Clash Royale is based on a Clash universe, of course, and the characters that you are already familiar with from Clash of Clans will also make an appearance here, in Clash Royale. Aside from a number of characters from Clash of Clans, the new game also has some unique characters of its own. For the sake of an easier interpretation, we will call them ”minions”.

All the minions that we talked about, in Clash Royale, are in the form of cards. There are around eighty cards, some of which are minions, some are spells, and some are special cards with which you can summon minion huts or defensive/offensive siege weapons.

The game is played in a special arena, and it’s always played one on one. Your opponent and yourself will find each other on the opposing sides of the arena, both having in your possession a castle and two towers. There will be two paths leading from your base to his, and on each path, there will be a tower guarding the castle. The main objective is destroying the tower or towers, and then destroying the enemy castle.

In order for you do to so, you will have to utilize your cards. As we’ve already mentioned, there are some eighty cards in Clash Royale, but your deck can only hold eight at a time, so be careful which cards you choose to play with. Some cards are good for offense, some for defense, some can attack both ground and flying units, while some will be able to shoot from afar or they will have to utilize close combat. There are many things to consider and a hundred ways for you to outsmart your opponent, which means that even though this game is played in a never-changing arena, it will never cease to be fun. If you love clash of clans then check our clash of clans hack tool also.

Since the game came from the Clash universe, it’s only natural that it also uses resources on which the game is based. So,


There are three types of resources in Clash Royale, gold, elixir, and gems. Gold and gems are only important outside of the game, while elixir is the only resource that has the real impact on the match.

Gold is only useful when it comes to purchasing cards from a special shop that has different goods to sell every twelve hours, or upgrading the cards you already have. In order for you to upgrade the card, you will have to have an appropriate number of duplicates, so, card hunting is a real thing here in Clash Royale.

Clash-Royale-Lava-Hound-minElixir impacts the match the most. It’s your only resource, and it should be used carefully. Each card costs a different amount of elixir. For example, Prince costs five, valkyrie costs four, archers cost three, and so on. The maximum number of elixir you can have at any given moment is ten, and it slowly replenishes over time. So, your actions do have consequences, since it’s really important which minions you use to pair with each other or to deter enemy offenses.

Gems are a premium resource in Clash Royale, much like they are in Clash of Clans. With gems you can purchase gold, you can purchase special chests that contain hundreds of cards, or you can speed up the time needed to open the chest.

What we failed to mention earlier, there are different kinds of chests in Clash Royale, each holding a different amount of gold and cards, and they can all be opened if you have them in your possession, but they require time. So if you find yourself in possession of a gold chest, you will have to wait eight hours before you can see its contents. Gems are quite useful here if you’re an impatient guy.

However, if you’d like to speed up the process of the game, never wait to open another chest again, or buy as many cards as you wish from the special chest, then we have a little surprise for you.

Clash Royale Gems Generator

By clicking on this link, you will be taken to a Clash Royale hack which can be used to generate an unlimited amount of gems. You are probably wondering how it works, and before you click on the link, let us explain. Clash Royale hack is a special gems generator which can be used multiple times. It’s directly connected to the Supercell’s database, and it automatically creates any amount of gems that you select. Clash Royale hack needs only two things, your username and the platform on which you play the game.

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The reason why it needs those is because otherwise, it wouldn’t know where to direct the generate gems. If you are wondering whether these Clash Royale cheats are safe, there is also an encryption button below the username that you can use. It will cloak your device and your username, and nobody will ever know that you’ve used it.

Clash Royale cheats maybe sounds too dramatic; we prefer to think of it as means to simply play the game. If you are an average guy who doesn’t spend ten hours a day playing video games on his phone, then you probably won’t have enough gold coins to upgrade your prince for example, whose card costs a thousand gold. We see Clash Royale cheats as a way to enjoy the game and stay competitive.

You’ll know what we mean, once you encounter a guy who has many more levels on his cards than you do. No matter how good you are, you simply won’t be able to overcome the sheer power of the cards.


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