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Spindle Gaming, your source of PC game reviews, previews, guides and Let’s Play’s. If it’s fun, we’ll be playing it. We get attached to our characters in games, so plan on uploading series on games that warrant it – whether we’re raging at a player for missing training or trying to save the world.

We love playing PC games and this gaming blog is the host of the memories we’re left with when the game is finished and a record of all the times we’ve ragequit.

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We only want to write about things you guys find interesting, otherwise we’d just join a forum, so don’t be afraid to leave feedback after articles and steer us to the right path. We’ll leave a vote after every article so you guys can vote on what we review/preview next. Once we get a couple of series going there’ll be polls so you can get the series you’re interested in produced faster!

Contributors Wanted

We’ve recently been joined by a writer Alex. He’s got a glorious writing style, full of personality and really gets in to his single player games in a way we all try to. For his first review he took a look at horror game SOMA.

Also recently joined is Jack, who has a series of Let’s Play videos in our brand new Indie Games section, where his first post let’s you follow him on his cowboy quest of Westerados. Check it out and digg the enjoyable vibes.

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