People have been looking for the new Nuke Callouts and there’s not much out there that helps, so I made a handy image for you all. The new Nuke was released as part of Operation Wildfire this month. Valve took the old classic and made big changes.

One of the biggest being the outside catwalk that terrorists can now use to get all the way around to Heaven. Other changes include a second door from Secret in to the B bombsite called Squeaky and a new looking A site, where Upper has been changed so the CT’s can’t defend from Main-side. Terrorists can also plant the bombs on top of the Silo’s on both sites, which has already become irritating as a CT, leaving you completely exposed as you try to defuse.

I tried to find an image containing the new de_nuke callouts but couldn’t find one, so I made one myself. Forgive me my terrible Photoshop skills!

new nuke callouts

New Nuke Callouts

Let me know what you think of the new map in the comments below. I love the old Nuke personally, but this one feels less CT-sided with a very quick vent dive now made easier due to the changes at Upper.