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With the release of Doom, it seems as though the once vintage game is now more popular than ever. Few games have endured similar success. Although some have been updated and modernised, not many have continued to develop both in terms of story and gameplay. Which classic video games played on a block style console are now being played in the comfort of your own home on PC or a fourth generation console?



Revolutionary in its time- a genuinely scary game and one of the first that managed to create a successful first person shooter. It also helped open the door to 3D gaming and was pioneering back in 1993. How things have changed come 2016… The series follows an unnamed space marine working for the Union Aerospace Corporation who ends up battling against hordes of daemons and undead warriors. Having played the original version, there seems to be nothing better than walking around and hawking up some bad guys with a shotgun! Since its initial release there have been 12 additions added to the franchise including spin-offs. Although the film may not have received much critical acclaim, it is still rare that a game will get a film made after it, so considering all, it is quite an achievement. The latest version of the classic video game was released on May 13 2016 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.



One of the longest running game sagas in the world and simply a timeless game. Created way back in 1981, the franchise has since gone on to create over 200 games of similar genre in the Mario world, with the franchise now estimated at $10 billion. Its biggest hit is arguably Super Mario, which was first created in 1985 for Nintendo Entertainment System and 30 years later is still ongoing. What makes Super Mario quite so remarkable is the lack of story development. That might sound like a bad thing or a criticism, but it really isn’t! It is such an enjoyable game that people have been buying it for the past thirty years, including recent versions on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

The Legend of Zelda

the legend of zelda

Originally released by Nintendo in 1986, Zelda has been massively successful over time and has had a total of 18 entries across all of Nintendo’s platforms. The storyline can be seen in a similar context to Super Mario, not much has changed, yet we still love it. The story follows main character Link as he tries to rescue Princess Zelda and the kingdom of Hyrule from the evil overlord Ganon. Zelda enjoyed so much success that it even managed to get its own television show, with an animated show being aired in 1989. In 2011 it was announced that the franchise had managed to sell 62 million copies, which surely puts it in the hall of fame and as one of the best classic video games. Nintendo are developing The Legend of Zelda to be released in 2017 for the Wii U.

Sonic The Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog

Perhaps not a big a name as some of the others, but never the less the game has certainly endured over time! Created by Sega in 1991, Sonic was originally based on a previous speedster game the company had produced. However, Sonic saw such massive success that it helped Sega become one of the leading game company’s in the 1990s. Again a very simple storyline for the game, Sonic and his buddies, Knuckles, Tails and Amy must foil the evil Dr. Eggman. Even though Sonic has not enjoyed the same major platform success as Zelda, Mario and Doom (although you can play it on both Playstation 4 and the Xbox One) it has become a handheld classic.

Prince Of Persia

prince of persia

I doubt many people actually know about the first Prince Of Persia. It is mostly recognised for its reboot on PlayStation Two in 2003 but was originally first released in 1989 for the Apple II. How old school! Two sequels followed, with the last, Prince Of Persia 3D being released for PC. Unfortunately it didn’t receive the same praise as the other two. However, the game was totally rebooted in the Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time and since then has never looked back, even managing to sneak in a movie for good measure. Ubisoft revealed at E3 2015 that they’re developing a new Prince of Persia for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

By Edward Wade

There have been plenty of classic games which have kept up with the times. MS. Pacman, Tetris and Space Invaders are all available for Android devices and as mini games on most big platforms. Gaming has developed astronomically over time from Arcade to living room, from handheld to virtual reality. People play poker on the bus, but in terms of games which have managed to survive and continually be developed over time, these surely top the list.

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With the release of Doom, it seems as though the once vintage game is now more popular than ever. Which other classic video games played on a block style console are now being played in the comfort of your own home on PC or a fourth generation console?
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