Strategy Guides

Our Civilization 5 Strategy Guides are aimed at turning you in to a better player, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran. Perhaps you want to try a new style of play or a new civilization? Our guides will give you ideas and frameworks for you to apply in your own personal way. Whether you’re looking for a science boost, constant growth or great economy, we’ll help you develop.

Gandhi’s Tradition Guide

Gandhi and The Hanging Gardens go hand in hand, both geographically and in Civilization 5. This strategy shows you how to build The Hanging Gardens as fast as possible, creating a tall empire that's technologically strong.

Montezuma's Honor Guide

Montezuma is an aggressive character and the Aztec's unique Jaguar Warrior can wreak havoc in the early game. This guide shows you how to attack your rival early with a diverse, well-promoted army backed up by a couple of Wonder's to increase the effectiveness of the rush.

Harun's Liberty Guide

Harun Al-Rashid is a great leader to play Liberty with due to his awesome bonus’ including double gold for trade networks and the ability to build Bazaar’s in his cities, doubling luxury resources. This guide shows how to get four growing cities settled fast with a strong economy.

Civilization 5 Mod Reviews

Beginning to tire of the standard game? Our Civilization 5 Mod’s article provides download links to some interesting mod’s and discusses the pros and cons of each, helping you retain your enjoyment for this timeless game.


We aim to bring guides on how to play for each leader in the game, covering their unique units, buildings and bonuses and taking advantage of each civilization’s strengths in order for you to optimise your play.

Social Policies

Our series of guides covering the main Social Policies will help you pick a leader suited to your style of play and time your turns perfectly in order with your scientific and military progression, giving you a big economic boom in time to crush the opposition.

Good Starts

Perhaps you want to learn a great rush strategy to quickly kill your enemy or a solid start that will help you build towards the future, dominating opponents in every way possible before putting them to the sword?

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