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gamers losing faith in preorder

Why Gamers Are Losing Faith in Pre-Ordering

Accounting for a massive portion of the entertainment industry, video gaming is a prominent market figure with millions of fans who eagerly ...
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fantasy games

Ed’s Top 5 Fantasy Games

Fantasy is arguably one of the best genres in gaming. It’s probably also one of the best genres for films and novels too. But when it comes ...
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the division state of play

The Division State of Play – Player Interview

There's been a lot of unrest amongst The Division player base in the last few weeks, with numbers of active players dropping daily. It could be the ...
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the division dark zone rogue agents

6 Rogue Agent Characters you’re sure to run in to in The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is what The Division is all about. Sure, the story line is okay and leveling up was really fun, but now I’ve reached level 30, ...
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Virtual Reality Gaming

Will Virtual Reality Change The Face of Gaming?

Virtual Reality seems to have been around for ages without really making much progress. The idea of being in a virtual world, but sat in the ...
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